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Circuit Breaker Retrofit Services
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Today, there are a lot of obsolete circuit breakers protecting critical and essential loads. These are safety devices and may remain inactive for many years, but can trip at any time, to prevent damage and to protect the installation from various forms of overcurrent, Short Circuit and Earth faults. Obtaining spares for these obsolete circuit breakers can prove to be near impossible or time-consumingprocess and replacing the entire switchboard can have a serious impact such as long downtimes and budget constraints. Retrofitting the circuit breaker help you to overcome these difficulties and prove cost saving solution. Moreover, the advanced technology offers circuit breakers with many advantages to their old counterparts such as increased lifetime, improved reliability and options for enhances maintenance diagnostics and communication.
We have a group of skilled technicians who can provide you excellent retrofit solution for any low and medium voltage switchgears. We provide retrofits for OCB, VCB, ACB and MCCB’s.
We Provide Retrofit for :
Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Oil Circuit Breakers
Load Break Switches
Vacuum Contactors
Air Circuit Breakers